Architect Sumsun Nahar Moonni , B.Arch. (BUET) , desired to implement a Mega sustainable innovative affordable diversified integrated green architecture research design and development project named ESHO (ESHOP SMART HOME IN BANGLA AKTEE DHOKAN AKTEE BARI) based on present global climatic change and digital global basic education for common people ,common entrepreneurs and under privileged children with having programmatic action of planning and income generating Agriculture-based Green Housing Development  group Economy Project for 12,09,330 Local Community Entrepreneurs  and others. The project implementations funding source from ARDL self and its partners and with special support from Bank or any Financial Institutions, Bank, Insurance Company, Private Investors, Donor, Organizations, Ngo, Valuable Efficient Personnel In Society, NGO’S and others related organization or institutions as project financial partner or CO-Partners and try to get facilitate support or special support from Government Related Institute to make the project and program fruitful.  .Already we also have good response with international donor or investors www.anjainternational.com local representatives, British investment group (BIG) and www.baupanel.com for implication of housing and technical development of the project.

On behalf of ARCHITECTURE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT LTD, It’s with great pleasure and privilege that I invite you to partnering for our Master project ESHO-ARDL.

I want to express my warm respect to you and your entire team for your continuous efforts to develop our nation by providing banking service in Bangladesh with good fame or reputation. ARCHITECTURE RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT LTD. is a registered company from joint stock and Social Net Work (registered under the Society act under Ministry of commerce), Charity University (registered under scientific act), Project Aid Associated Public Ltd (registered under joint stock), Ngo Consortiums (registered under the NGO BURO) all are its main partner are working for the sustainable diversified socio economical mega master project and program as well we are doing social-economical-cultural development of the Bangladesh.

The Economy Project ESHO has 12,09,330 number o Local comunity Entrepreneur with  powerful catalyst for a new kind of economy in the local area in Bangladesh – vibrant, bustling, and abundant. Powering with Rewarding to our local community entrepreneurship. Provide 12, 09,330 appropriate affordable Local community entrepreneurs’ Smart home. Everyone has a stake in their local economy and everyone can be an investor too. Entrepreneurs need all kinds of support. Yes, financial capital is important, but so are other forms of support. Entrepreneurs supported by the community do better and everybody wins. Want a more in-depth view on the Local Entrepreneur. By the projects and program ESHO has concept of  GLOBAL CHANGE IN LOCAL PLACES-POWERING OUR COMMUNITY-REWARDING GREEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP- SMART ECO GLOBAL VILLAGE project and GLOBAL LOCAL COMMUNITY ENTREPRENEURS FORUM for B2B BUSINESS.ESHOARDL has Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

This the First time we boost up this kind of program and project both with basic global plat form of new ideas, innovation, start-up and initiatives-lead by youth. There are we create a global platform of common entrepreneur with most institutionalized way for common entrepreneurs participation into the Forum which will provide a platform to discuss concrete actions to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at national, regional and global levels and ideas on how best to communicate the 2030 Agenda to young people and the general public. Engaging common people with young people in implementing the new 2030 Agenda for sustainable development is critical in safeguarding the future of the countries.

ESHO (English meaning is come) is a mega diversified dynamic, equitable, peaceful world developing Sustainable Socio-economic development project with related program. Developed community local entrepreneurs, consumers and employers common forum or common platform or common banner or common media or common brand or common event in Bangladesh .We have also desired to promote Integrated Climatic Change Research and knowledge Management with Agriculture-based Green Housing Development project & related Programs. It only not a platform but also a collaboration of all social gathering who have dream to  lead light of hope, demand , problems, solutions. We also have interest to do the same program in various country of the world. Promotions of global entrepreneurship particularly amongst the youth who are the backbone of every country explore their potential as self-starters and innovators.

ESHO ARDL having a series of interactive research, present market survey, casting dialogues of community people, decide role of business for new start-up, grooming them by training and motivation, provide basic support for new entrepreneurs including capital investment scopes, allowing for lively engagement with the audience and giving everyone a chance to engage in the discussion by arranging various diversified integrated event. I encourage all participants to regularly visit the www.eshoardl.com website as the programmed will be posted time to time and updated recent information of the members of the ESHO. Our Endeavor is leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world.

I like to say that as a of community sustainable socioeconomic development Architect, I had been doing research and market study to grabbing the projects since 6 to 7 years before. It’s my dream project not only it is a global common platform and entrepreneur forum which can lead future global leaders. Youth are our main target group; we are working on 64 districts including Dhaka. ARDL want to empower our youth group as an entrepreneur, leader and global citizen. ICT is our focusing area, throwing E-Commerce Fair and ‘Innovation Summit’ to Explore Future Bangladesh”. We can see that in 2016 global youth forum of UN ECOSOC take agenda of “Youth Taking Action to implement the 2030 Agenda" (http://www.un.org/en/ecosoc/youth2016) which was held on 1-2 February 2016, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. So you will be honored by this type of project and program. We need your popular brand’s sponsorship support to implement the projects. We hope you will support us in our noble master projects and program ESHO. Your presence will act as an encouragement to all our developments. We would be pleased and honored if you shall accept our proposal and be a part of ESHO (ESHOP SMART HOME IN BANGLA AKTEE DHOKAN AKTEE BARI) projects and program.


About ESHO(At a glance);The main outcomes of the ESHO (ESHOP SMART HOME IN BANGLA AKTEE DHOKAN AKTEE BARI)  Global Entrepreneurship in2015 Bangladesh are to be as follows:

  • ESHO programs search local community common entrepreneurs and Global young entrepreneurs who are strive towards the global sustainability. we identify community entrepreneurs , keep them to register on the www.eshoardl.com ,we trained them and provide capital investment by dint of national and private bank , ESHO will branding and promoting of the ESHO members product to local consumers and globally.
  • ESHO project is to Build 1209330 smart home with appropriate shop or store for a specific ESHO entrepreneurs with propose adaptation and mitigation strategies to cope with the possible changes in the physical and societal environment a set of future scenarios is developed. These scenarios integrate possible socio-economic and climatic changes and are used in the Land Use Scanner model to simulate future land-use patterns.
  • We are looking for entrepreneurs who will provide new employment opportunities to the local community who are passionate about technology, social entrepreneurship or people with ideas for any other areas of business. All entrepreneurs applying for new business grants are asked to show how they are helping to create positive financial and social outcomes for their community with available grants. Applicants are asked to outline key components of their business plans, understanding of their chosen market and drivers behind their ability to meet their business goals. Alongside financial support, we also assist to connect entrepreneurs with local support networks to give you access to expertise and insight that will help you succeed. This can include; crowd funding, shared workspace, education and training along with a network of other local entrepreneurs.
  • In ESHO ARDL project and program There are to be selected 270 local common entrepreneurs of a union and 1209330 local common entrepreneurs in 4479 union based on programmatic action of planning and designed and development or implement by ARDL with the help of Government Related Institute, Financial Institutions, Bank, Insurance Company, Private Investors, Donor, Organizations, Ngo, Valuable Efficient Personnel In Society, ARDL Associate Partners, Others Etc.
  • With the support of an unrivalled network of seasoned business leaders, ESHO works to catalyze long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring, and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide. The Economy Project Local Entrepreneur is a powerful catalyst for a new kind of economy in the local area in Bangladesh – vibrant, bustling, and abundant. Empowering our local community. Reward our local entrepreneurships. Provide appropriate affordable 12, 09,330 Local community entrepreneurs Smart home. we bring entrepreneurs, investors, and other change makers together to learn from each other, form new relationships, and hopefully, to begin working together on new enterprises. we bring entrepreneurs, investors, and other change makers together to learn from each other, form new relationships, and hopefully, to begin working together on new enterprises.
  • The high-impact entrepreneurs in ESHO entreprenuer’s network have successfully scaled their businesses and created significant wealth and job opportunities in nearly every industry and region around the world.
  • ESHO supports high-impact entrepreneurs so that they can build thriving companies that employ thousands of people, generate billions in wages, and inspire countless others as role models. Together, these entrepreneurs hold the key to sustained economic growth in every part of the world.
  • Our Financial partners or co-partners will provide capital micro investment as Short term micro SME loan for 3 to 9 month with group insurance facilities to selected and trained 1209330 local common entrepreneurs in root level (Women Entrepreneurs) .
  • You cannot hope to lift economies without promoting entrepreneurship. ESHO has proven itself the most effective organization at building entrepreneurial ecosystems where none had existed before.
  • Develop leadership skills amongst the participants, and provide them with the basic knowledge they would require to prove themselves as successful entrepreneurs. It will not only be a platform for the collaboration of youth entrepreneurs, but it will also be a light of hope to many, who have it all-the dreams, ideas and determination-but just don’t get a chance to make their dreams into a reality. It will promote leadership and will encourage many youth entrepreneurs to take the next step towards realizing their dream.
  • Build a platform for connection and collaboration—engaging all players along the entrepreneurship spectrum. The platform shall involve the government sector, non-government sector, sponsors, distinguished speakers of multiple sectors and delegates.
  • Initiate dialogue for entrepreneurs’ problem solution idea exchange ideas with investors and corporate sector for new start-up
  • Find the delegates with the best innovative ideas and provide them with the opportunity to implement their ideas.
  • Develop plans for the sustainable development of target communities and regions.
  • Raise awareness regarding the different social issues that scars not only the society but the lives of many.
  • Create positive changes to make positive impacts on social and economic developments
  • Create awareness amongst the youth regarding the present and future challenges, facing not only Bangladesh, but the global economy as a whole Together with the program and projects being a stepping stone to achieve the SDG goals and Vision 2021,.
  • Lead Bangladesh into the future with a journey of exploration, as this summit will be a stepping stone to achieve the MDG and Vision 2021. And as well as UN ECOSOC2030 Agenda.

Our programmatic Action of Planning  (At a glance);

  • Select 17000 local partners for the projects. We will advertise and broadcasting diffract media to 12,09,330 select local community entrepreneurs members We will organize E-BAT (idea, innovation hunting) at various University to select best project.
  • We will campaign into top universities and 64 districts unit of ESHO ARDL.
  • Online campaign, promotion, media promotion will be ensure
  • With various event we will arrange at BICC/KIB, we will organize number of panel discussion on ICT & Innovation, Leadership, Green Economy, Blue Economy, SDG, Entrepreneurship, Global Peace & Citizenship, Entrepreneurship – peace rally, Entrepreneurship Night, Sight Visit, B2B discussion , Cultural Program will be arranged.
  • We will arrange press conference and media promotion
  • We will create a Global Youth Entrepreneurs Network through this event
  • We will arrange presentation and idea show casing opportunity, support corner for Entrepreneurs
  • We will touch 2 lac community local youth students directly, also social media campaign will be continued
  • We will provide fund and award to best entrepreneurs project by the support of our co-partners

Project Aim:

Sustainable socio-economic development of Bangladesh. Our aim of this project is to give an affordable support for the sustainable development of rural people. We are defining it as ‘Enhanced Basement’ because we want to create such a base for the people who are sustainable & also affordable. Our enhanced architecture & design will be able to chase all the natural calamities. It’s like a centre. If it’s strong, then everything is strong & everything will get a way of its sustainability. It’s viable & visible in both virtual & physical way.

Our Present Challenges in Global and Regional is 01-Social, Political, Economic, 02- Global Warming ,various Environmental, Loss of Biodiversity and Extinctions,03-Racism poverty Facts and Stats, 04-Global Financial Crisis etc. which Causes of Poverty and create problems on present business territory . On the other contrary , MISSION BANGLADESH Long Term Business Goal is SUSTAINABLE LOCAL AND GLOBAL PEACE, KEEP WORLD BEAUTIFUL…No poor ,no unemployed , No Recession maximum utilize resource, rescue present days global problems, future smart word , Global Issues, climate simulations ,enetworking,emarketing,i-education,i-business,i-development,borderless,virtualworld,future sustainable dream, flagged to one another……… The project important aims at creating dynamic village mega master plan from an architect’s point of view and stimulating socio-economic development of the people of “MISSION BANGLADESH PROJECT”. As a part of a development, income generation, community business and poverty alleviation campaign rising from their homes, business, and services with proving new concept of smart technological training and counseling.

1.8. Project beneficiaries  : Based on programmatic action of ‘Master Planning’ over the Country covering 64 District / Zillah, 461 Thana And 4479 Upzilla, of Bangladesh. Total 5004 smart villages are designed. The project emphasizes on priorities to Aborigines/ indigenes/tribal community or low-income group those who are involving in indigenes profession and suffering vulnerabilities in climate change effects or in hard-core poor, destitute, socio-economically disadvantaged, unemployment and have no alternate source of regular income or in ethnic minority living around haor/ baor/ beel /river /hilly/ coastal/ flood-prone/ water logging areas.

1.9 phases of the projects:

1.9.1-Implement PALLI ABASHON and. SMART HOUSE project.

Integrated Agriculture based rural housing real-estate and agro land Development.

SMART VILLAGE MASTER PLAN-(PROGRAM). (Social and environmental development)

1.9.2-Smart Firm, small industry on a smart house and community business development.

(. (Social and Economic development)

1.9.3-Integrated Climatic Change, health, environment Development program.

(Health and environmental development)

1.8.4- Sustainable Education E-Learning, promotion, reading –writing competition on smart villages.



This section should provide a brief introduction to the current social and economic situation related to the geographic region and beneficiaries of the project on Origin of the Proposal. The background should also describe:

  1. The problem or critical issue which the proposal seeks to resolve
  2. How the proposal relates to other relevant national development strategies and policies
  3. Whether there are other programmes and activities which will complement the proposal
  4. How the need for the project was determined
  5. How intended beneficiaries were involved in project identification and planning
  6. What kind of assistance the concerned Governmental offices will provide
  7. What kind of resources the Implementing Agency and other non-governmental organizations will provide.

How concerned Governmental officials were made aware of and/or were involved in project formulation.

Finally, the section should describe the relevant experience and capabilities of the project Implementing Agent, and the type and level of resources that the Implementing Agent will provide for project planning, implementation management and follow up.




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BROCHURE-TYPE-3-10.55 lac-

esho form-




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Proposal for participation / Sponsor in Expo Bangladesh-2017, USA.
And Promote Globally Community local entrepreneurs Export Quality innovation, Goods, Products etc.
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Dear Sir,
Its great pleasure and privilege that I invite you to sponsor and partnering The Social Network Diversified Events Under project ESHO-BD GLOBAL TRADE TOURISM EXPO

I,undersign,Architect Sumsun Nahar Moonni, (BUET), Managing Director of Social Network (under society act ,section-26,C-340(28)/98), Director of Charity University (under scientific act XXI 1860 ,S-1894(70)/98) and Associate Ambassador of Peace (UPF and IIFFWP) , desired to have working towards Better Bangladesh Ahead with the aim to promote Bangladeshi’s business environment, trade & tourism, new entrepreneurships, export opportunities etc.

Our , ARDL, Social Network and Golden View these three organizations are working together Social Network Diversified events under project ESHO-BD GLOBAL TRADE TOURISM EXPO at CHINA, CANADA, USA, UAE, PARIS, INDONESIA, UK- LONDON, TURKEY, MALAYSIA ,INDIA etc. And published online Directory, directory catalog, e-directory book (directory DVD) etc. Based on our This promotional Branding, Bangladesh Export Development Inc. USA select us as Business development partner of “Expo Bangladesh-2017, USA”

As Business Development Partner of “Expo Bangladesh-2017, USA” I have great pleasure to invite you to participation / sponsor in Expo Bangladesh-2017, USA , which will have organized jointly by Greater New York Chamber of Commerce and Bangladesh Export Development Inc. The EXPO is to take place during 2017 at Hilton, Midtown, New York USA Dated July 17 & 18, 2017. The timing for the exhibition is from 9:00am to 7:00pm. The exhibition will be inaugurated in consultation with the Hon. Chairman, Congressional Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism, Congressman Peter T. King.
We will promote Bangladeshi export oriented products like readymade garments, knitwear, jute and jute goods, leather and leather products, ceramics, melamine, electronics, paper and paper related product, handicraft, medicines, food and beverages, shrimp, it, shipbuilding etc. in worldwide and Promote Community local entrepreneurs Export Quality innovation, Goods, products etc. Brand Bangladesh Farming in the Future.
Already we have booked the Venue and Room of Hotel Hilton, Very Soon the EXPO will have published on the Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh website. We hope the Expo is to peruse our country economy boosting through increasing foreign remittance by promoting of the native export products to the foreign audience, brings huge possibilities for the participants of Bangladeshi manufacturers/exporters to expand their business and meet up targeted export volume. The EXPO will greatly support our national economy with having intends to help healthy business relationship between Bangladeshi business community and international business community by expressing solidarity to Bangladesh Governments Vision-2021. Besides, the initiative we will enable to diversify our Bangladesh export market other than common markets in the global market through international trade fairs worldwide. Consecutively we will arrange trade fair in other destinations like Germany, Japan, UK, and Australia, Africa and Latin America or any other country where we can have opportunity for our export items. At the EXPO there will have huge opportunity to get visits of international buyers, investors, Clients, delegates etc. This is a single country product exhibition to the main stream of North, South & Central American markets for enhancement of our export volume. Its aim to lead a demand with customer centric approach for business to make sustainable export market for the high growth of Bangladesh`s economy. It will be a wonderful experience to find Bangladeshi exporter with their prospective buyers under one roof at HILTON HOTEL, NEWYORK, with having a result of a strategic approach to understanding our clients' business requirements with long-term objectives.

I proposed you to participation / sponsor in Expo Bangladesh-2017, USA. As your esteem organization we need your popular brand’s sponsorship support to organize the Expo Bangladesh-2017, USA successful.
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SAARC ESHOARDL Sustainable development program

সম্প্রতি খবর গুলা সংযুক্ত করা হোক...........!!!


আপন ঐতিহ্যে ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ

আপন ঐতিহ্যে ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ অনুষ্ঠান এর প্রচার উপলক্ষ্যে ও ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ -২০২১ রূপকল্পে আপনি কিভাবে কাজ করছেন তা জানিয়ে স্যাটেলাইট টিভি চ্যানেলে/সংবাদপত্র /নিউজ মিডিয়া এ বিশেষ অণুষ্ঠান প্রচার প্রসঙ্গে।

শুভেচ্ছা নিবেন,আপনার প্রতিষ্ঠানকে অভিনন্দন ।আপনি জেনে খুশী হবেন যে আমাদের এই প্রিয় দেশকে আধুনিক বাংলাদেশ হিসাবে গড়ে তুলতে এগিয়ে আসার জন্য গনপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ সরকারের এর ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ -২০২১ ,২০২১ সালের মধ্যে বাংলাদেশকে একটি মধ্যম আয়ের দেশ এ রূপান্তরিত করা এবং ২০৪১ সালের মধ্যে একটি উন্নত দেশ হিসাবে দেখার লক্ষ্যে ,বেসরকারী ভাবে সরকারের পাশাপশি কাজ করার আগ্রহ জানিয়ে, গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ সরকার অনুমোদিত দেশ ও জাতির কল্যাণে ভিন্নধারার জাতীয় অনলাইন সংবাদমাধ্যম "সার্চ নিউজ" ও আর্কিটেকচার রিসার্চ এন্ড ডেভোলাপম্যান্ট লিমিটেড (এ আর ডি এল ) কোম্পানী যৌথভাবে এবং স্থপতি শামছুন্নাহার মূন্নীর ডিজাইন ,পরিকল্পনা, গবেষনা ও ব্যাবস্থাপনায় উদ্ভাবিত “আপন ঐতিহ্যে ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ” নামক অনুষ্ঠানের মাধ্যমে “ ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ -২০২১ রূপকল্পে” আপনি এবং আপনার প্রতিষ্ঠান কিভাবে কাজ করছে তা জানিয়ে ও আপনার প্রতিষ্ঠানের সুনাম , প্রচার ,প্রসাররের লক্ষ্যে যৌথভাবে আপনার প্রতিষ্ঠানের উদযাপিত উক্ত অনুষ্ঠানের মাধ্যমে আপনি বা আপনার কোম্পানির বিভিন্ন দিক নিয়ে প্যাকেজ অনুষ্ঠানের নির্মান ও স্যাটেলাইট টিভি চ্যানেলে/সংবাদপত্র /নিউজ মিডিয়ায় বিশেষ অণুষ্ঠান প্রচার করার পরিকল্পনা গ্রহণ করেছে ।এই বিশেষ অনুষ্ঠানের মাধ্যমে আপনার দীর্ঘ দিনের পথ চলা ,অভিজ্ঞতা ,সাফল্য,লক্ষ্য,উদ্দেশ্য,প্রতিষ্ঠানএর কতৃপক্ষের বক্তব্য, ক্রেতা- ডিলারদের সাক্ষাৎকার , ডিজিটাল বাংলাদেশ গড়তে,টেকসই উন্নয়নে আপনার কোম্পানির অবদান এবং বিভিন্ন প্রচার মূলক অনুষ্ঠান এর বিশেষ অংশ তুলে ধরা হবে।এ ধরনের অনুষ্ঠান প্রচার করতে বিভিন্ন স্যাটেলাইট টিভি চ্যানেলে/সংবাদপত্র /নিউজ মিডিয়া উক্ত প্রস্তাব গ্রহণ পূর্বক সদয় সম্মতি প্রদান করেছেন,আপনার প্রতিষ্ঠান নিয়ে,এ ধরনের অনুষ্ঠান প্রচার হলে গ্রাহক,শুভানুধ্যায়ী ও দর্শকদের মাঝে আপনারও প্রতিষ্ঠানের ভাব মূর্তি উজ্জল হবে বলে আমার দৃঢ় বিশ্বাস।
এর সাথে কোম্পানী এর প্রকল্প অবকাঠামোতে, জনকল্যাণের দৃষ্টিকোণ থেকে, সরকার অনুমোদিত সংঘ সারক ও সংঘ বিধির সংযোজিত নিয়মাবলীর ধারা বলে, সাংগঠনিক কর্ম কৌশলের কাঠামোর ভিত্তিতে, আমাদের দেশের বেকার সমস্যা সমাধানের লক্ষ্যে , মধ্যম আয়ের জনগণের অতিরিক্ত আয়ের কথা চিন্তা করে ও দারিদ্র বিমোচনের লক্ষ্যে,মানুষের জন্য সহনশীল ও স্থায়ী বা টেকসই আর্থ সামাজিক কমিউনিটি প্রকল্প বাস্তবায়ন এর আওতায় , উদ্যোক্তাদেরকে নির্বাচন করে, তাদের যুগীপোযুগী হিউম্যন রিসোর্স ট্রেইনিং এর মাধ্যমে দক্ষ করে তৈরি করে, বিভিন্ন সামাজিক উদ্দ্যোগ নিয়ে ইঙ্কাম জেনারেটিং প্রযুক্তি গুলি কাজে লাগিয়ে ,আত্ত কর্মসংস্থান ও সবুজ ব্যাবসার মাধ্যম্ গ্রিন ব্যাংকিং কনসেপ্টে লেনদেন করে আর্থিক ভাবে বাংলাদেশ আলোকোজ্জ্বল সমৃদ্ধ ভবিষ্যতের পথে এগিয়ে যাবার লক্ষ্যে এক যুগান্ত্রকারী বিভিন্ন পদক্ষেপ নেয়া হয়েছে।উক্ত পদক্ষেপে আপনাকেও স্বাগতম।এবং আমরা সি আই ডি নিউজ ও এ আর ডি এল অতএব প্রস্তাবিত অনুষ্ঠানটি আপনার প্রতিষ্ঠানের বিপণন তহবিল এর মাধ্যমে নির্মান,প্রচার ও পাবলিকেশনের জন্য সদ্য অনুমতি প্রার্থনা করছি। উল্ল্যেখ্য শুটিং ইউনিটে থাকা খাওয়া ও অন্যান্য ব্যাবস্থা আপনার প্রতিষ্ঠান কতৃপক্ষ বহন করবেন।

সংযুক্তঃ সম্ভাব্য বাজেট ও বিবরণ এর জন্য যোগাযোগ করুন-০১৭৮৭৮১১৬৩৭,০১৬২৭০৮৩৯০৩

ধন্যবাদান্তে-আর্কিটেক্ট শামসুন্নাহার মুন্নী (বি আর্ক-বুয়েট),উপদেষ্টা , সার্চ নিউজ -,ব্যবস্থাপনা পরিচালক ,
আর্কিটেকচার রিসার্চ এন্ড ডেভোলাপম্যান্ট লিমিটেড

SAARC ESHOARDL Sustainable development program

সম্প্রতি খবর গুলা সংযুক্ত করা হোক...........!!!

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Vacancy Post

‘চুক্তি ভিত্তিক দূরদৃষ্টিসম্পন্ন বিপণন নির্বাহী বা মার্কেটিং কর্মকর্তা এবং সেলস রিপ্রেজেন্টিভ সহ অনলাইন সেলসম্যান প্রয়োজন ।
Sales & Marketing and Business Development jobs !!!

Job Description:
The position would be Sales & Marketing and Business Development of the company and would report to Managing Director.
Responsible for achieving the sales target by managing existing channels partners, exploring new channels for business enhancement.
A second aspect of the role is to work towards creating demand for the products.
Salary: Negotiable (10000-25000/-taka Bdt)
Industry: Marketing ,Sales , Business Development , IT & E-commerce
Sex : Male / Female
Educational Requirements- Minimum S.S.C Pass
Functional Area: Sales , Retail , Business Development

Contacts : Sumsun Nahar
mobile:- 01787811637
send CV Mail to . eshoardl@gmail.com

Job Description / Responsibility
• Prospecting and sales lead generation
• Independent direct sales visits
• On site customer technical demonstrations and product training
• Direct promotion and sales of key capital equipment product lines
• Maintaining and managing CRM records and opportunities for the area
• Able to travel as required
• Other duties as assigned

Salary Range: 10000-40000 tk. bdt Fresh Architects/Engineer/graduates/ (student as Trainee training period 6 month) Job Place: Any District 5 day in a month Dhaka must.Joint Appointment by-Architecture Research design and Development Ltd & SOCIAL NETWORK Contact No. 01787811637. (sunday-thrusday 9am-5pm-Dot call holiday than contact only e-mail: sn.moonni76@gmail.com or fb id Moonni SumsunFor details .....https://m.facebook.com/groups/1047828008562825?view=permalink&id=1269128953099395

for more info 01787811637,01711334510

SAARC ESHOARDL Sustainable development program

সম্প্রতি খবর গুলা সংযুক্ত করা হোক...........!!!

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sEARCH members FOR ventures capital investments for Equity Funding

###অনলাইনে ENTREPRENEUR MANAGEMENT CERTIFICATE –EMC-সার্টিফিকেট কোর্স ও কর্মী/ব্যাবসায়ী নিয়োগ!! !
Looking for multiple DYNAMIC and OUT-OF-THE-BOX thinkers with dedication to grow with our team. We are growing SUPER-FAST and in a very exciting stage to push us further; and we need some COMMUNITY COOL talents to join in our COMMUNITY CORE team.

for more info 01787811637,01711334510

SAARC ESHOARDL Sustainable development program

সম্প্রতি খবর গুলা সংযুক্ত করা হোক...........!!!



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